Keeping Covid Safe in 2021

The health and safety of our staff, their families and our customers is paramount.

We have implemented a Covid Safe Plan as well an in store policy.

While the threat of Covid-19 in our community and Australia has eased we would ask everyone to still maintain the rules set out below. 

Rules of Entry:

* If you think you have Covid symptoms we ask that you do not enter the store. Refusal of entry will be at the discretion of the owners/management at the time.

You can shop online or over the phone and we can deliver (to the local area) or post to you.

* Please use the Hand Sanitizer provided as you enter. If you have a medical condition that restricts you from the use of hand sanitizers then gloves are to be worn.

* Children are to be supervised at all times and restricted from touching or picking up items. 

* Minimizing the handling of items will reduce the risk of contamination and our store cleaning times.

* Contactless or electronic payments are preferred. We will still accept cash.