I Can Be Brave. Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence Book H/C

I Can Be Brave. Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence Book H/C

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An important story for young readers about being courageous and self-confident, even when you’re scared.

Self-confidence is something many children and adults struggle with.

Many of us are afraid to try new things, ask questions when we’re confused, and say no when everyone else wants us to say yes. When children believe in themselves, they’re more likely to stand up to bullies and peer pressure, their outlook on life is brighter, they are happier overall.

In I Can Be Brave, young readers will meet a group of kids who have figured out a few things they like doing and, after some trial-and-error and overcoming their fears, are very proud of their individual accomplishments.

Jumping off the diving board might be scary at first, but successfully completing a dive is something to be proud of! Building a tree house can be fun, even if you don’t love being so far off the ground.

Sometimes children may need a little boost of confidence or help from those around them to keep at it.

Parents and friends can be encouraging by saying things like: “Do you believe you can do it?” “You can do it!” and “Let’s try again!” Sometimes, as the children in I Can Be Brave learn, when they don’t have enough confidence to do something alone, like go down a giant slide they can muster the courage to do it anyway with a close friend at their side.

I Can Be Brave encourages young readers to invest time in new activities, believe in themselves, accept encouragement from others, voice their insecurities, and ask for help when they need it.