Wobble Cushion

Wobble Cushion

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Wobble Cushion: Active Seating for Focus & Health

Diameter: 33cm

Height 6.5cm (inflated)

"Ideal for children in classrooms and anyone seeking a healthier sitting option, this adjustable cushion promotes concentration and physical well-being."

The Dynamic Wobble Cushion transforms sitting into an opportunity for better posture, core strength, and enhanced focus, especially for children in classrooms. This versatile tool is designed to make sitting an active experience, promoting concentration and physical wellness with minimal effort.

Core Benefits:

  • Promotes Healthy Posture: Encourages proper sitting alignment and strengthens core muscles, reducing back strain.
  • Boosts Classroom Focus: Offers a sensory solution for children who fidget, aiding in sustained attention and engagement in learning activities.
  • Supports Physical Development: Ideal for rehabilitation and improving balance and coordination, with a safe, textured surface for exercise.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Customizable firmness levels ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness for all users.

With its ability to foster an active sitting environment and improve concentration, the Dynamic Wobble Cushion is an invaluable addition to any classroom or home, supporting both educational success and physical health.